Sunday, June 29, 2014

End of an Era

It's been a unique week of transitions. I could easily write for hours about the bittersweetness of it all, but I won't, as I'm in an empty flat, and if I don't get out of here soon, I may go bonkers. In a few short days, I'll be able to relax in my new place and write to my heart's content. Something I'm very much looking forward to.

So, to sum up the reasons why this week has been so crazy...

School play

This last month, I was sort of the director by default of the school end-of-year performance, as my coworkers knew I had a little background in drama and the part-time music teacher was not available to rehearse on a daily basis. In the end, this last Tuesday, the cute fairy tale mish-mash we did came together quite well. I was so proud of the kids and really felt like we'd achieved something quite entertaining. And the cherry on top was a giant gift basket of nacho ingredients as a token of my coworkers' appreciation for my services. A few of the teaching staff said, "We figured it was better for you than a bouquet." They were absolutely right about this Mexican food fiend.

Last day of school

After two years, I ended my job as a primary school teaching assistant. It was my second ever full-time job and the longest yet. As one might expect, I'll desperately miss the kids I worked with for two years as well as my coworkers. Especially the three that are leaving from Hong Kong (all the best David, Katie and Rachael!). After school broke up, my closest coworker friends and I celebrated until late at night, savoring every last minute as part of the same school family. Though I'm clearly bummed that something good has ended, I am confident that my next job is a step up. After two years as an assistant, I now have a teaching post, which is how I hoped it would turn out all along. 

My two years at the primary school were always kind of like an apprenticeship, and despite the ugly bits with management and various aspects of school policy I disliked, I know I'll look back on this job fondly in the future.


I moved into my current Tai Wai flat in March of 2012 and am about 24 hours from officially moving out. The majority of my stuff is already in the new place in Hung Hom, which Sharman and I found two weeks ago. Similarly to the job stuff, I'm sad to go for nostalgia's sake but thrilled for the future. So many things about the new flat are improved from the old one. Overall decor, location in HK, apartment size and living with Sharman, to mention a few. As I said at the start of this, once I'm settled, I'll divulge more details about my new home.

There's my end of June. Farewell to this, farewell to that and onwards. I've almost forgotten that I have the next five weeks off from work! Bliss.