Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Mariners Fan?

For many of you whom I've met in Hong Kong, you may not really understand the title of this blog. Who are the Mariners? And why am I fan of them?

In a nutshell, the Mariners are the professional baseball club from Seattle. I've been following them religiously since I was very small and hence, I titled my blog after this significant part of my life. But if you're still wondering why I love baseball so much, here's a post I contributed to my friend Tim's baseball blog. It's a bit long, but hopefully worth the read. I'm haven't copied and pasted it here because I want you to go explore his blog a bit. Us bloggers gotta help each other out eh?

Other than getting excited for baseball season at the start of April, all is well here in Honky Kong. I've started to play music with a friend, continue to work on my Cantonese and am watching the school year race by. We'll finish the spring term with some Easter festivities next Friday. Soon I'll be off to Northern Vietnam and Yunnan, China for a two week trip with my good friend and high school classmate Luke.

I'm currently sitting in my flat on this lazy Saturday, a year after moving in. The weather's getting nicer so I may just go outside to the little park on the fifth level of apartment complex to read and enjoy some sunshine. It'll look something like this, except with me on one of those benches.

Sure do love me some weekends.

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