Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Forward

I've been writing an essay for my university class all afternoon and here I am, taking a "break" by writing here. Strange, I know, but I didn't want to end my streak of posting here at least once a month since I started this blog nearly three years ago.

Anyway, I'm here to write about my optimism for the upcoming season. Baseball season you ask? Well, yeah, but I meant, like, spring. Rebirth, Easter, etc.

First off, I'll be traveling twice over the next three months. Once to Penang and Langkawi, Malaysia in late-April and then just a week later, down to Bangkok with some coworker friends for a bachelor party, or as my British friends call it, a stag do. One trip to a country under heavy scrutiny because of a mysterious airplane disappearance, the other trip potentially involving outrageous drunken behavior. Don't worry though, I will do my best to stay safe! Hard to believe this will mark my EIGTH trip to Southeast Asia in two and a half years' time. What can I say? I came to Hong Kong to travel and I've done just that. 

Second of all, my university work is finally winding down for the year. I passed my student teaching practice last week and now, I only have one major project left, due in early May. It's been an up and down term, but I definitely have a better knowledge of teaching than I did seven months ago. That's the main objective, so I guess despite all the moaning and groaning, I'm on track to get what I signed up for. Almost halfway done!

Lastly, and most significantly, these will be my last three months working at my current school. I've been offered a job at another primary school as a co-teacher, and though nothing's official yet, I expect to sign the contract shortly. I think the hardest part will be saying goodbye to the kids, as well as the staff and the life I've gotten used to while working there. Of course, there are other reasons that make me more excited about leaving, but overall, it's not a good or bad thing. It's a change and changes are necessary.

And with a change of jobs comes a change of apartments. After two and half years, I'll be saying goodbye to The Lion's Den at the end of June. Not sure exactly where I'll move to yet, but the new school is a bit far from Tai Wai, so I'm looking to find something closer to the campus. Again, a big change of scenery and hopefully one with new opportunities and discoveries. 

So, the big changes I expected in 2014 are approaching. Thus far, the two jobs I've worked in Hong Kong have driven me crazy at times but overall, were fantastic decisions. Both for the people I met and the experience I gained. I sincerely hope this will be the same way. 

Lastly, go go Mariners!

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