Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And the Living Is Easy...

^DuBose Heyward/George Gershwin^

For the second year in a row, my July, or at least the first half of it, has been fairly uneventful. In some ways, this is great. You may call it well-deserved relaxation after working hard for the past ten months. On the other hand, I can’t help feeling restless when I’m not busy doing something. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to go back to work ASAP. But I wish I had the will power to take these few weeks and churn out a masterpiece of some kind. Maybe a sculpture made of cheese? But not to worry, in two days, I’ll be off for a two-week holiday in Japan. Then I certainly won’t be short on things to do.

Much like last July, this month has been peppered with private English lessons, mostly for really young children who I met at the kindergarten I left two years ago. Also like last July, and pretty much every month for the last year and a half, there’s been plenty of badminton. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve actually booked a public court several times and met some people for games. This is the nature of Hong Kong; you can never just go to a park for a casual sports game. You need to book in advance! The only games I can get are in the afternoon during office hours, so I’ve been booking those time slots now that I’m free enough to do so.

Sharman and I have been in our new flat for two weeks now, and that has taken a bit of time as well. While she’s been working (sucka!) I’ve been home to schedule internet installation, build two DIY wardrobes, de-clutter the office/spare room where I write this now and sort out a quirky electrical problem. Now that everything has more or less been sorted, we’re quite happy and comfortable in our apartment here in Hung Hom.

Lastly, as part of my attempt to be more creative, I’m going to posting weekly on my resurrected 'Page 43' blog. There may be anything from a video to a photo to a poem to a drawing to a song to a short story, who knows! Stay tuned.

Here are some photos of Big Pink. Inspired by this.

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